Boneless Pork Milanese

This delicious entree could be your next crowd favourite, featuring succulent, juicy boneless pork chops covered in crispy breadcrumbs and panfried to perfection, then served with a simple dressing. Try getting a nice piece of pork, such as our Pork Ribeyes, to cut your own pork chops to order.


1. Combine breadcrumbs, basil, parsley and Parmesan in bowl of food processor; pulse until smooth. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

2. Using a meat mallet, carefully pound pork chops until they are uniformly 1/4-inch thick. Season pork chops with salt and pepper and dip them in beaten egg. Remove from egg wash and allow excess to drip. Dredge each chop in breadcrumbs and set on a plate.

3. Heat 1/4 cup olive oil in 14- to 16-inch skillet over medium heat until just smoking. Add butter and allow it to foam for 10 to 15 seconds. Place chops in oil and cook until light golden brown on one side, about 5 minutes. Carefully turn chops and cook until internal temperature reaches 145°F to 160°F, about 5 more minutes. Add more oil if necessary, 1/2 tablespoon at a time, to avoid scorching the breading.

4. Meanwhile, combine arugula and tomatoes in serving bowl. Add remaining 3 tablespoons olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper; toss to coat the greens.

5. Place one pork chop on each of 6 dinner plates. Divide arugula salad evenly between the plates, place a lemon wedge on each plate, and serve immediately.


Recipe by Smithfield Farmland



Fresh Fish Deadlines for December

As the Holidays approach we will have limited shipping days for fresh fish delivery. As you plan your menus, please speak with your sales rep in advance so they know when they need to place orders and when they will be able to get orders. If you want something that is not on your normal order, of if you need a large amount of something, we will need advance knowledge of this order.

Order dates below:

  • December 14th to arrive December 16th
  • December 16th to arrive December 18th
  • December 21st to arrive December 23rd
  • December 28th to arrive December 30th 

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