Today’s foodie and foodie-inspired public wants high quality meat at an affordable price.

Bahamas Food Services can help you keep Beef on your menu with exclusive New Cuts, Value Cuts and Hot Specials available only at BFS.

The astute buyer looks for the best product at the best price. The ever-changing economy determines market preference, purchase patterns and price and the buyer must satisfy both the customer and the bottom line.


 Flank Steak, Econ L/P10293601/30-33lb
 Flank Steak, Frigocarne brand10293651/60-65lb
 The Certified Angus Beef® brand reduces the odds of a tough steak by nearly 300% over USDA Choice.CAB Beef Brisket, Fresh, National brand1051099 5/9-12lb
 CAB Beef Brisket, Frozen, National brand10522005/14-16lb
 Choice Beef Eye of Round101711512/4-5lb
 Boneless Chuck Top Blade1017122 1/70-75lb
 Beef Hanging Tender, Choice Frozen10310451/35-40lb
 Hormel Beef Boneless Sirloin Steak, 6oz1032117 6/12oz
 CAB Sirloin B Butt Tri-Tip10315324/17-19lb
 Flank Steak, Choice Frozen1029310 1/50-65lb
 CAB Flank Steak Fresh10519316/12-15lb
 CAB Flank Steak Frozen10529306/12-15lb
 Beef Tenderloin, Economy Tender, 4up10293701/75-85lb
 USDA Choice Top Sirloin Steak, 3oz1032119 1/9-11lb
 Flat Iron Steak Mar103206520/8oz
 Flat Iron Steak, 9oz Choice1031040 1/9-11lb
 CAB End-to-End Strip Steak, 8oz1052280 1/9-11lb
Top Sirloin Baseball Cut
CAB Top Sirloin Butt Centre-Cut, 8oz Baseball Cut
aka Filet of Sirloin
1052850 1/9-11lb
 CAB Centre-Cut Tenderloin Steak, 4oz1029375 1/9-11lb
BEST DEALCAB Beef Tenderloin Tips10385452/5lb
*ASK FOR DEAL PRICE *CAB Beef T-Bone Steak, 16oz, Frozen10531771/9-11lb
CAB Beef Ribeye Lip-on Special, 9/12oz1051110 1/9-11lb
** SPECIAL ORDER **CAB Beef Sirloin Tip, Fresh Peeled10168906/8-12lb
 CAB Sirloin Fillet, 6oz10321211/9-11lb
 Flank Steak, Choice Frozen, Swift brand10293131/30-35lb

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