16 oz Sea Best® Unbreaded Calamari Rings
2 medium chopped Plum Tomatoes
1 chopped Shallot
4 cloves Garlic crushed and minced
1/2tsp Badia® Cajun Seasoning
Badia® Sea Salt and freshly ground
1/4 cup White Wine
Basso® Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Heat sauté pan to medium and add olive oil. When hot add shallots and garlic let sweat for 2 minutes. Add chopped plum tomatoes, salt, ground peppercorns and a1/2 tsp cajun seasoning. Cook for 5 minutes.

Add calamari toss to coat then add 1/3 cup white wine. Shake pan well and let come to a boil.

Take calamari out of pan with a slotted spoon and put in a serving dish. Reduce the liquid to 1/3 and pour over the calamari. Can be served as tapas or as an appetizer with crisp french bread or over pasta.

Bon Appétit!

Calamari Sauteé Provencal

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