1 whole Beef Hanging Tender
Salt & ground black pepper
For Dipping Sauce:
1 cup Creole Mustard
2 chopped scallions
3 cloves garlic, crushed and chopped
1 bch cilantro, washed and chopped
1 jalapeño pepper, washed, deseeded and chopped

3 good shakes of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
¼ cup Basso® Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & ground black pepper

Remove silver skin from the hanging tender by making a slit in the membrane with a sharp paring knife and pulling it off with your fingers. Trim some of the external fat, leaving some fat to help maintain moisture during grilling. Separate the lobes and remove the thick line of inedible gristle running down the middle. Cut the meat into 4 steaks or as you desire.

Rinse meat in clean water, then pat dry and season with salt and pepper. Cover and refrigerate until ready to grill.

Mix all the above ingredients together in a glass or stainless steel bowl and cover the bowl with shrink wrap. Let stand for at least an hour.

10-20 minutes before grilling, remove meat from fridge and let sit. When ready to serve, grill meat for 3-5 minutes on each side for medium rare, or to temperature. Note that this cut is best more on the rare side. Let rest for 8-10 minutes, then slice across the grain and serve with dipping sauce. Bon Appétit!


Item # Description Pack Size
1031045 Beef Hanging Tenders 1/35-40lb
3805021 Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4/3ltr
1801050 Zatarain’s Creole Mustard 4/1gal
4724410 Scallions (Green Onions) 48ct
4739030 Cilantro 1/8lb box
1809551 Lea & Perrins Worchester Sauce 24/5oz
4723220 Garlic, Whole Peeled 4/5lb


Grilled Beef Hanging Tender with Dipping Sauce

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