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How to Order the Right Amount of Meat for Your Holiday Party

Maybe you’re a veteran chef, dedicated homemaker or are just determined to put on the best Christmas meal ever. How do you know how much meat to get to feed all your guests? Running out of food is embarassing, and preparing too much leaves you begging your guests to “tote” or having a fridge overfull with leftovers. There are only so many turkey sandwiches people can eat after the holidays! Chef Bobby Briggs, the executive chef here at BFS, has prepared some useful info to help you order the right thing in the right quantity for your ultimate holiday menu.

NOTE: We are looking at 3 different sized parties: under 10 people, 10-20 people, and for larger parties or catering, meat choices that will feed every 20 persons. Popular choices Turkey, Ham and Lamb are included, as well as Duck, Veal and Beef for the more adventurous. Deliciously adventurous, that is.

A small roasted turkey with Spanish Rice Stuffing and orange glaze.
A small roasted turkey with Spanish Rice Stuffing and orange glaze.


UNDER 10 PEOPLE Small turkeys can be hard to find, so don’t wait until the last minute if you’re having an intimate holiday dinner.

  • Raw Whole Hen Turkeyserves at least 7 ppl
    4605504 8/10lb each
    case 4/8-10lb or by the piece $1.79/lb

10-20 PEOPLE You never know who will drop by, so be prepared to serve the masses with a bigger bird.

  • Jennie-O_GreenJennie-O brand Raw Turkey Breast, Bone-in
    4605010 10-14lb each
    case 4/10-14lb or by the piece $2.39/lb

PER 20 PEOPLE The big birds are what you need to serve a large crowd.

  • Raw Whole Turkey
    4605521 20-24lb each
    case 2/20-24lb or by the piece $1.79/lb
  • Raw Whole Tom Turkeyserves at least 34 ppl
    4605420 18-24lb
    case 2/18-24lb or by the piece $1.79/lb *talk to your BFS sales rep
  • Raw Whole Tom Turkey serves at least 25 ppl
    4605519 18-20lb each
    case 2/18-20lb or by the piece $1.79/lb *talk to your BFS sales rep


There is the traditional holiday ham, that everyone looks forward to devouring. But you can also serve Pork Rack or even fresh pork cooked Bahamian or Cuban style.

BerkshirePorkRackFrenchesUNDER 10 PPL An intimate Holiday dinner can also include one-off meals that showcase something special. Consider the Berkshire Pork Rack, cut from an exclusive breed of pig considered the “Kobe Beef” of pork and guaranteed to impress.

  • Berkshire Redi Pork Rack – serves about 10 ppl/rack
    0170051 6-7lb per rack
    case 5/6-7lb or by the piece $11.99/lb

10-20 PPL Hormel® Always Tender® products are all pre-seasoned with a marinade that guarantees the meat will remain succulent and flavorful, even if you overcook it.

Pork_LegSteamShip_103912214PER 20 PERSONS Serving a large crowd? Pork is economical, versatile, delicious and a year-round favourite.

  • Farmland Logo WEBFarmland All Natural Steam Ship Leg of Pork
    4402630 1/17-21 lb
    serves 35+ ppl $2.99/lb

  • Farmington Boneless Pork Loin
    4404147 2/7-11 lb
    serves 20+ ppl $3.39/lb


Where’s the beef? It can be the centre-piece of your holiday table if you get the right product.

UNDER 10 PPL For the most intimate of dinners, only the best will do.

  • IBP/Cargil CAB Prime Tenderloin, Fresh
    1031535 5-7 lb each
    case-only 12/5-7 lb (approx. 84lb) @ $17.99/lb
  • IBP CAB Beef Tenderloin, PSMO, Fresh
    1051896 5-7lb each
    per case 12/5-7lb or by the piece approx. 7lb @ $14.99/lb
  • IBP/Swift CAB Beef Tenderloin, Frozen
    1052895 5-7lb each
    per case 12/5-7lb or by the piece approx. 7lb @ $14.49/lb

10-20 PPL Prime Rib can be affordable, if you are serving a small to mid-sized group. Serving the CAB brand guarantees you a premium beef that only needs a minimum of preparation.

  • IBP/Nat CAB Prime Rib, Bone-In (Beef, Bone-in Export Ribs), Fresh
    1051096 18-22lb each
    per case 4/18-22 lb or by the piece approx. 22lb @ $9.59/lb $8.98/lb
  • IBP CAB Prime Rib, Bone-In (Bone-In Export Ribs), Frozen
    1051097 17-22lb
    per case 4/17-22lb or by the piece approx. 22lb @ $9.59/lb $8.98/lb
  • IBP/National CAB Boneless Strip Beef, 1×1 FROZEN
    1052810 12-14 lb each
    per case 6/12-14 lb or by the piece $7.19/lb
  • IBP/National CAB Boneless Strip Beef, 1×1 FRESH
    1051802 12-14 lb each
    per case 6/12-14 lb or by the piece $7.19/lb


  • IBP CAB Steamship Round, H/O, Frozen
    1052600 1/55-65lb
  • IBP/NAT CAB Inside Round, Fresh
    1051682 18-25lb per piece
    per case 3/18-25lb or by the piece $3.29/lb
  • CAB Inside Round, Frozen
    1050680 18-25lb per piece
    per case 3/18-25lb or by the piece $3.29/lb


CAB (Certified Angus Beef)
H/O (Handle On)
PSMO (Peeled, Silver Skin, Side Muscle On)


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