One of the most versatile products Otis Spunkmeyer offers is luscious Butter Sugar dough. Drift back into grandma’s kitchen as you bake these buttery rounds into delicious canvases for a pumpkin patch of cookies. Tint royal icing or cream cheese frosting a glowering orange, and slather a dollop on each crunchy, melting morsel. Cups of chocolate chips, candy corn and green-tinted coconut become the eyes, noses, grins and stems of some pretty scary jack-o-lanterns. Kids, young and old, will love creating their own “spooktacular” masterpieces. Too much work? Simply shake the frozen cookie pieces in a bag of orange decorating sugar before baking for instant pumpkins. Display those you rescue before they are gobbled up by your little goblins next to that tub of holiday creativity, Butter Sugar dough, and watch the orders pile up like pumpkins on a hayride.

BFS code & pack: 0402933 240/1.3 oz


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