The right glass is one of those necessary components in creating a wonderful guest experience. Whether it’s your signature cocktail, a classic martini or draught beer, coffee for breakfast or everyday water table service, Libbey has the perfect glass. Factors for consideration when choosing glassware include durability, affordability, replacement options and many places also consider if it is distinctive, fits in with the decor, is easily storable and is versatile for various purposes.

Libbey Glassware offers over 1,000 products designed specifically for the foodservice operator, from tumblers to fine European stemware. Read on for 3 recent articles highlighting the new products offered by Libbey.

  • Current Trends in Glassware: Adding Class with Glass
  • Libbey® Releases Stylish Glassware Products
  • Libbey quenches growing thirst for better glassware for booze

Libbey Glassware

Current Trends in Glassware: Adding Class with Glass
by Joann Whitcher, FSR Magazine
JUNE 19, 2014

One of the hottest trends to hit drinkware in recent years was the Mason jar, a popular vehicle for all types of beverages, from ice tea to bourbon, and across all geographic regions. The Mason jar trend might have sprung to life in Southern cafes and summer picnics, but restaurants from New York to California embraced it as a trendy pitcher for individual libations.
These days, trends in glassware have moved beyond the Mason jar to more classic, old-fashioned beverage vessels, as well as variation, meaning a different glass for each style of drink. The major push amongst glassware purveyors is to help restaurants enhance guests’ experience with the beverage and consider how the glass plays a role, says Jerry Moore, glassware product manager at glass purveyor Libbey Foodservice.
“What we are seeing is a diversification in glassware,” adds Susan Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey. “We don’t see a really large trend coming on board, like the Mason jar, but from our end, it’s more about helping our customers create the experience they want.”

…To that end, the range of glassware continues to evolve and expand. Libbey offers 149 different types of beer glasses, and 10 glasses for spirits recently debuted. Also trending are new options for hot beverages; as tea and tea service gain popularity, Libbey’s introduced a commercial French Press last year for tableside tea and coffee service. [ FULL STORY ]

Libbey® Releases Stylish Glassware Products
Brandi Shaffer, Club & Resort Business

To match today’s wine trends being driven by the younger generation, Libbey® has released new glassware products that meet their desire for experimentation with varietals, unique styles and creative presentations. The products are crafted with distinct, modern designs.

“It’s no secret that Millennials are driving growth in the wine market,” said Susan J. Dountas, director, foodservice marketing for Libbey. “These products were designed to empower our customers to capitalize on this opportunity by encouraging experimentation with wine varietals and delivering distinctive tasting and presentation experiences.” [ FULL STORY ]


Libbey quenches growing thirst for better glassware for booze
Americans’ taste for premium whiskey, other spirits on rise
by Tyrel Linkhorn, The Toledo Blade

Libbey hopes its ‘Brown Liquor Collection’ will tap into the growing thirst for expensive whiskey, especially among younger people. Libbey hopes its ‘Brown Liquor Collection’ will tap into the growing thirst for expensive whiskey, especially among younger people. Spurred by classy-cool shows such as Mad Men, a booming micro-distillery movement, strong marketing, and the return of classic cocktails, the U.S. appetite for top-shelf booze is soaring.

And Libbey Glass Inc. is riding high on that 80-proof wave. “Restaurateurs don’t want to serve a really good bourbon in an ordinary bar glass,” Robert Zollweg, Libbey’s creative director, said. “When you’re spending $25 or $30 for a really expensive scotch, you’ve gotta put it in something that looks like $25. Perceived value is everything.” [ FULL STORY ]



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