Valencia rice can absorb 3 times its weight in water without becoming mushy, which makes Goya® Valencia Rice the authentic choice for perfect Paella. This recipe uses chicken, chorizo sausage, clams, shrimp and scallops, but you can add what you like, including calamari, hard-boiled eggs, pork and other seafood. This recipe is adapted from a Goya recipe for Paella, with locally available ingredients.




4004170 GOYA® Valencia Rice 18/24 oz
1840583 Badia Sazon Tropical 12/6.75 oz
1844509 Badia Sazon Tropical 1/1.75 lb

You may also use Sazón GOYA® with Azafrán (each packet is 1.41 oz) or the following combination for seasoning:

1 TBSP Salt
1 TBSP  Garlic Powder
Oregano, dried
1 TBSP Annatto Seed (for colour)

Combine with the following spices that have been toasted and ground:

1 TBSP  Black Peppercorns
Coriander Seed
1 TBSP Cumin Seed

Use 1½ TSP per 1.41 oz Goya packet.

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