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Beef Steak, Flat Iron Seasoned

Beef Steak, Flat Iron Seasoned

Holten steaks are portion cut to weight and hand trimmed to ensure accurate portion cost.

Seasoned USDA Choice Flat Iron Beef Steaks. NAMP# 1114D.

Made with USDA Choice Beef. Well-marbled and extra juicy. Aged and seasoned for consistent flavour and tenderness.

  • Lean, with no waste – 100% yield
  • Cut with automatic portioning equipment for consistent sizing and exact portion cost – no catch weights.
  • Produced in a SQF Level 3 certified facility.
  • Vacuum packed for extended shelf life.
  • Easy to cook – just temper and put on grill.
  • Able to be cooked on a char broiler, flat top grill, or broiler.
  • Extremely versatile, with applications for breakfast, lunch, and supper.
  • Great as a breakfast steak, as a steak sandwich, sliced for salads, fajitas, or stir fries, cut into cubes for kebabs, and as a center-of-the-plate dinner entrée.
Weight 8 lbs



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