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Pork Ribeye, Boneless

Pork Ribeye, Boneless

The Pork Ribeye comes from the rib end (smaller side) of the pork loin and is usually sold cut into boneless pork chops. This product is the whole piece, which gives you the choice to cut this robust piece of meat into juicy boneless pork chops or to roast off the whole price and slice for the buffet.

The Sirloin Roast is on the larger end of the pork loin, and the Rib Roast is on the other end.


Courtesy of the National Pork Board, Des Moines, Iowa

RECIPE: Boneless Pork Milanese




Smithfield Culinary delivers the cuts consumers crave.  Just the mention of pork starts people’s thoughts wandering to thick chops, succulent tenderloin, and fall-off-the-bone ribs.  Always moist and full of flavor, Smithfield Culinary Pork helps you satisfy your guests’ cravings with innovative products that bring quality and variety to any menu.

Smithfield Culinary pork delivers quality cuts that are perfect for roasting, grilling, and everything in between.  Our cuts are hand-trimmed for superior quality, and are vacuum-packed for easier storage and extended shelf-life.



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