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Ronzoni Pasta RecipesIf you are used to traditional “white” pasta, then Ronzoni in the blue box is your top choice. You can also get the classic great taste of white pasta with an extra boost of fibre with Ronzoni’s Smart Taste® (purple box). There is 2.5 times the fibre of regular pasta plus calcium and Vitamin D in every serving.


Ronzoni Pasta RecipesIf you are looking for a healthier choice, try the Ronzoni® Whole Harvest® line of whole wheat pastas. These hearty pasta cuts give you extra fibre and the extra taste of whole wheat. Whole wheat pasta cooks a little bit longer and is best with robust sauces.


Ronzoni Pasta RecipesRonzoni® Garden Delight® can help you serve a half serving of vegetables in every 2 oz portion. Enriched with carrots, tomatoes and spinach, this pretty pasta is great in pasta salad and stands up well to hearty vegetables and sauces.

Parmesan Basil Chicken Salad, with Ronzoni Garden Delight Penne Pasta


Ronzoni Garden Delight®  Tri-Color Penne Rigate  recipes

Ronzoni Smart Taste® Spaghetti recipes

Ronzoni Whole Harvest® Penne Rigate recipes

Ronzoni® Recipes using Lasagna Noodles

Search for recipes for your favourite pasta cut by inputting the type of pasta you want, the cut and any proteins or keywords. Easy and delicious proven recipes.






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