IngredientsSnow Pea, Fennel and Orange Salad

1 Fennel bulb, trimmed, keep some of the fronds for garnish
2 88ct Oranges
4oz Snow Peas
Badia® Sea Salt and freshly ground Mixed Peppercorns
A splash of Balsamic Vinegar
And a good glug of Basso® Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Slice fennel and cut in julienne. Peel and segment the oranges over a bowl to catch the juice and squeeze the remains to get out all the juice. Top and tail the snow peas and cut in half at an angle across the centre. Put the fennel and snow peas in a bowl , season with the sea salt and ground mixed peppercorns. Add a splash of balsamic and a good glug of

extra virgin olive oil mix together. Add the orange segments and juice mix and serve.

Bon Appétite.

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