Produce Market Alerts

CUCUMBERS – ESCALATED Select cucumbers have triggered on the East Coast programs. Florida production continues and Georgia is close to starting; however, we are seeing lower volume across the region as cooler temps have slowed the plants down. FOB prices are getting active showing ticks upward of $2-$3 across the category in the East. Quality remains very nice. West coast supplies are experiencing the same circumstances as the East, with cooler than normal temps slowing production down and driving FOB prices up. Quality remains great.

LIMES – ESCALATED This market remains high and although supplies are still very tight, they are improving weekly.

MUSHROOM – ESCALATED Mushroom growers have suffered damage in the South and Southeast, as well as Puerto Rico. Hurricane Harvey and Irma have resulted in a tightening market, and the American Mushroom Institute said it expects supply to be affected for several months.

ORANGES – EXTREME We are still seeing a shortage in supply and higher prices. This market may become even shorter in supply and will last until the domestic Valencia market takes over.

ROMAINE HEARTS – ESCALATED Supplies are normal. Demand and quality are good.