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A1 Steak Sauce, Glass Bottle Mini

A1 is the bold, savory sauce that makes any food better with its robust blend of spices and seasonings. A1 is an iconic tabletop brand that offers 92% brand awareness and is the #1 branded steak sauce in the USA. This small 2 oz miniu glass bottle is used for room service and high end catering.

Invented in the 1820s by the chef of King George IV, and commercialized in 1862 for the masses, A.1. was marketed as a high-quality, do-it-all “saucy sauce different from any other, appreciated on Welsh rarebits, broiled lobster and English mutton chops.” In the 1960s, the brand shifted focus to beef and the product was renamed A.1. Steak Sauce. Now, while the original product formula remains unchanged, the brand is removing “Steak” from its name and launching a new creative campaign that shows A.1. Sauce is great for pork, chicken, fish and vegetables. The redesigned label incorporates vintage details as a nod to the brand’s roots as a sauce for almost everything.

Weight2 lbs