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Afia Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Afia™ ALCOHOL-FREE Foaming Hand Sanitizer
SUPC #4826115 (MPC #0445) formulated with Benzalkonium chloride

Afia™ ALCOHOL-FREE Foaming Hand Sanitizer  is formulated with Benzalkonium chloride to kill germs quickly.  Recommended for use as desired between hand washings to effectively reduce bacteria on the skin.  Use with Afia™ Hand Cleaner Dispenser to create a rich lathering foam.  Recommended for use in virtually any hand sanitizing situation, including Healthcare, Schools, Universities, Institutions, Office Buildings, and Retail.  Also ideal for Restaurants, Super Markets and Delicatessens, Meat Prep Rooms & Institutional Kitchens.

Benzalkonium chloride based Hand Sanitizers have distinct advantages over gelled alcohol hand sanitizers. While both product forms are FDA Monograph compliant for leave on products, fast acting and allow for use without water or towels, benzalkonium chloride based products are non-flammable, less drying to skin, and will not stain clothing. Published studies report that benzalkonium chloride based hand sanitizers demonstrated greater sustained degerming activity than gelled alcohol gel hand sanitizers that actually became less effective with repeated use and made the skin dirtier, not cleaner due to removal of protective natural skin oils and entrapment of dead skin cells by the polymer thickeners used in the gelled alcohol products (AORN Journal, (68 August 1998), p. 239-251). Benzalkonium chloride, unlike benzethonium chloride, is the only quat active ingredient with a history of use in leave-on, FDA Monograph anti-bacterial skin treatment products. Leave-on Hand Sanitizers should not be used as a substitute for proper hand washing and hygiene practices.

Afia Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Santizer is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. National Drug Code (NDC) number is #71023-445. This product is produced in our FDA inspected facility and meets all guidelines for efficacy (a full product efficacy data sheet and Technical Data Sheet are available under the documents tab).

To see the on-line, official listing click this link and put “National Chemical Laboratories” in the search bar.

Code: 0445
Packaging: 6 x 1000 ml bags/case

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