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Soup Broccoli Cheese Concentrate

Soup Broccoli Cheese Concentrate

Take the hard work out of preparing a rich and delicious broccoli soup, with our Broccoli & Cheese Soup concentrate from Sysco Classic.
Simply heat the frozen base with water, mix and serve. Kick it up a notch with pepper or more veg or serve as is. Enjoy tender pieces of broccoli in a thick and comforting creamy soup, top quality for your menu addition.

DIRECTIONS: Remove plastic film cover. Place blocks of soup in a suitable container. Add 1 quart of water for each block of soup. (One half of the tray filled to the top of the center divider is 1 quart.) Cover and heat to boiling, with occasional stirring. Use indirect heat (double boiler) for optimal quality. Reduce heat and simmer for 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer to serving container carefully.
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