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Tilapia Fish Strips, Tempura Battered

Crispy, tempura battered strips of meaty snow-white tilapia fillets, featuring farm-raised tilapia from a clean, certified facility, responsibly sourced and processed in the USA.

Tilapia has a mild flavour and a delicate, flaky texture. These tasty ready to cook fish strips can be fried or baked (with oil) and can be used in a fish wrap, fried seafood basket and tacos, and are perfect for kids.

Also available as a Tilapia Tempura Battered Fish Tender, which is larger and more suited for sandwiches and entrées.

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The mild flavor and delicate texture of our all natural deep skinned tilapia perfectly complements the crunchy tempura coating of these tasty Sea Best Tempura Breaded Tilapia Strips.

Sea Best Tempura Breaded Tilapia Strips are produced from tilapia that have been farm raised off the coast of Indonesia in a Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified facility.