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Tomato Paste, #10 Can

Tomato Paste, #10 Can

Tomato paste is a must for Bahamian “steamed” gravy, as well as the base for many recipes such as soups, stews, sauces and more. Heinz tomato paste is 100% concentrated tomato pulp with no additional ingredients. USDA Grade A or Fancy.

Heinz #573100 Tomato Paste – 111 oz. Can. 6 #10 cans per case. High concentrated tomato paste that is easily extendable with water for a high yield.

Fresh California tomatoes of a special variety are cooked for hours in order to slowly remove the water and condense the tomatoes into a thick puree. The skins and seeds are then strained out, and the remaining product is cooked again until it forms a thick, rich tomato paste. Tomato paste should be cooked at least briefly, in order to bring out the dramatic tomato flavour that will make your gravy shine.

Do You Know That Tomato paste (Tin tomato) and Coca-Cola (or Malt) is the Fastest Working Blood Tonic? (

Weight 10 lbs