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Sysco Imperial offers a wide variety of appetizers that are perfect for catering, bar food, and platters. Whether you’re looking for something simple and classic, or something more unique and creative, Sysco Imperial has you covered.

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Catering: Sysco Imperial’s appetizers are perfect for large gatherings and events. They’re easy to transport and prepare, and they can be served hot or room temp.
Bar Food These little 2-bite apps are easy to eat with your hands, and they’re perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying with a glass of wine.
Appetizer Platters Sysco Imperial’s appetizers can also be used to create beautiful and impressive platters. These platters are perfect for buffets, holiday parties, and other special occasions. Include alongside crowd faves like chicken wings, nachos, sliders, onion rings and mozzarella sticks.
Kid-Friendly Serve these for lunch, snacks or parties for kids and teens.

Featured Hot Appetizers
  • Deluxe Beef Wellington 6920219 10/10 ct
  • Chicken Satay 6986848 5/20 ct
  • Chicken Sesame 6986830 5/20 ct
  • Chicken Thai Springroll 6986459 5/20 ct
  • Mini Franks In Puff Pastry 6944334 10/10 ct

Hot Assorted Appetizers Pack 6985410 10/10 ct ~ Beef Franks in Blankets, Spicy Beef Pockets, Potato Puffs, Beef & Mushroom Crowns, Spinach Turnovers 

Assorted Mini Quiche 6985683 4/25 ct ~ Lorraine, 3-Cheese, Garden Vegetable and Broccoli & Cheese 

Weight: 5.3 lbs

Item Description

Deluxe Beef Wellington

Mini Beef Wellington aka Petite Beef Duxelle Encroute served as a 2-bite size appetizer. A tender beef cube nestled in a seasoned mushroom duxelle enrobed in a light and flaky puff pastry dough. Ready to bake and serve in less than 20 minutes. Contains 10 (10ct) plastic sleeves in a Sysco Fluted Deep White Case. Finished product is round and approximately 0.85 oz each. 100 pieces per case, serving size is 4 piece, 25 servings per case.

Chicken Satay – Plain or Lemon-Grass

Raw chicken satay, is tender chicken breast “ribboned” onto a skewer – just add your marinade or sauce, heat to doneness and serve. Contains 5 20-ct paperboard trays in a Sysco fluted deep white case. Finished product is skewer shaped and approximately 0.85 oz. each. Serving size is 4 pieces, servings per container are 25 pieces. Great served as an appetizer butler-style or from a chafing dish, or as a lighter meal entrée, or minuid appetizer, serve 4-5 on top of rice, or plate and serve several with dip.
Sysco Imperial Lemongrass Thai-Style Chicken Satay ~ A tender chicken breast strip glazed with a sweet tangy marinade of wine, chili sauce, garlic, lime, and lemongrass spice topped with a hint of toasted sesame seeds – ribboned onto a 5″ bamboo skewer. Heat and serve in minutes. VIEW IN SHOP

Chicken Sesame Satay
Uncooked, tender marinated chicken breast strip lightly coated in breadcrumbs and toasted sesame seeds on a bamboo skewer. Contains five black paperboard shrinkwrapped trays with 20 pieces each. Skewered chicken tender at approximately 0.85 ounce each, 100 pieces per case. 25 servings per case, 4 pieces per serving. IQF pack – Individually quick frozen.

Chicken Thai Spring Rolls
Fully cooked, Thai-Style Chicken and Vegetable Spring Rolls, 2-bite size appetizer. Authentic thin and crispy spring roll wrapper filled with Thai flavored chicken and vegetables. Deep fry or bake and ready to serve in minutes. Contains 5 (20ct) paperboard trays in a Sysco fluted deep white case. Finished product is a closed tube “roll” shape and approximately .80 oz. each. Serving size is 4 pieces, 25 servings per case.

Franks in Puff Pastry – aka Pigs in Blankets
Sysco Imperial brand Kosher beef frankfurters are wrapped in a flaky puff pastry dough blanket and served as a 2-bite size appetizer. Contains 10-10ct plastic sleeves in a Sysco Fluted Shallow White Case
Finished product is a round shaped and approximately 0.55 oz each. Serving size is 6 pieces, about 16 servings per container.

Hot Assorted Appetizers Pack 
Each box contains 100 pieces – 20 each of the following 5 puff pastry wrapped varieties: Beef Franks in Blankets, Spicy Beef Pockets, Potato Puffs, Beef & Mushroom Crowns, Spinach Turnovers

Assorted Mini Quiche
Egg custard and cheese base plus a variety of garden fresh vegetables and seasonings. 25 pieces of each: Lorraine, 3-Cheese, Garden Vegetable and Broccoli & Cheese. Contains 4-25 ct plastic trays. Round mini quiche for buffets, catering, appetisers, lunch entrees, measures approximately 1½ in diameter and 0.80 oz each. Bake from frozen approximately 6-8 minutes.

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