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Specials & Sales


Specials & Sales


Current Specials

sysco bahamas blue plate specialsOur Blue Plate Specials feature a hand-picked selection of quality products that you can use to try new things, stock up on favourites and see what we have to offer here at Sysco Bahamas.

What’s a “Blue Plate Special”?

The Blue Plate Special is a nostalgic way of saying “Special of the Day”, where a restaurant offers a special dish at a lower price, something not usually on the menu.

Specials & SalesWHY? A Blue Plate Special is a great way for a cook or chef to try out a new dish and see how people like it. If it does well, the dish can be put in regular rotation, added to the menu or used as an attraction in marketing efforts. The kitchen could use up extra inventory on meats and seafood, or quickly move out close-dated foods and prevent spoilage and wastage.


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Product Updates

Welcome to the best prices in town on restaurant quality meats, seafood, and 10 other categories of products.

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