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Sysco Team: Chef Bobby Briggs

Chef Bobby was the Executive Chef here at Sysco Bahamas for many years. Born in Ireland, he has been a resident of The Bahamas for more than forty years and brought vast international experience plus technical accuracy and culinary professionalism to our foodservice product.

Chef Robert Brian Briggs, affectionately called “Bobby”, was born on November 24, 1946 in Dublin, Ireland.  He began his professional training by apprenticing from 1965-1969 under Chef Pierre Roland at The Russel Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.  During his time here, he worked in a true “farm to table” style, using fresh ingredients daily to prepare sausages, pâté, dressings, desserts and preserves from scratch on a daily basis to serve exclusively Heads of State such as presidents, chancellors etc.

Chef Roland chose Bobby to be a part of his team in the Bahamas and so Chef Bobby arrived in Nassau to continue under his tutelage at The Lyford Cay Club from 1969 through May 1973.  There he met his lovely Long Island wife and fell in love with The Bahamas.

Soon after, Chef Bobby was sought after by the management of Ashford Castle, a 5-star hotel set in an 800-year old real castle in Cong County, Mayo in west Ireland, He left with his new wife and relocated back to Ireland where he worked as Sous Chef to the Executive Chef Ken Wade. He excelled in this position from June 1973 to September 1975, in a prestigious kitchen serving world’s elite such as the Kennedy family, many Hollywood stars and wealthy Europeans.

The sun called Chef Bobby home back to Lyford Cay Club where he worked from October 1975 to May 1976.  Chef Bobby then began another season of his culinary journey by adding his international expertise to various properties in Nassau. He went to Resorts International Commissary in May 1976 until he transferred to the Ocean Club at what is now Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in October of that year.  At Ocean Club, now called the One & Only Ocean Club, Chef Bobby started off as Head Chef and then was promoted to Executive Chef.  He served in this capacity until March 1991 until leaving to become a consultant for several restaurants including the Poop Deck and Columbus Tavern. At this point, Chef Bobby began expanding his classic culinary training to perfect his Bahamian cooking, eventually mastering many local favourites and adding a gourmet twist to some.

In 1992, Chef Bobby began working with Island Seafood as a foodservice sales specialist, advising both the sales management team and foodservice customers on products and menu choices. His vast experience led him to become the Executive Chef at Bahamas Food Services in 2000 and then continued in this capacity after the company became Sysco Bahamas Food Services. During his tenure at BFS, Chef Bobby has worked in production of the largest food industry event in the country, the BFS Food Show, spanning more than ten (10) years of annual shows. He created and runs the invitation-only Chef Competition and continues to work with 50-80 food vendors per show to produce a world-class event. In 2004 and 2008, Chef Bobby travelled with the national team to the Culinary Olympics to represent The Bahamas.

Chef Bobby in his daily life at Sysco Bahamas utlilises his top-of-the-line executive kitchen to produce meals in-house for visitors, meetings, staff and vendors. He produces 4 major sales meetings per year, trains the sales staff on product knowledge and works with management to test and analyze new products for the market via demonstrations, sampling and innovation. He is a respected and integral part of the company and is much beloved by the Sysco Bahamas family, as well as our international partners. He is a consummate professional, beloved associate, dedicated family man to his wife, three children and grandchildren and continues to delight everyone with his wonderful food, his vast knowledge, his stories and dry wit and willingness to help anyone upgrade their culinary expertise.

Chef Bobby Briggs is the quiet storm, bringing understated style and unparalleled experience to the Bahamian culinary scene.