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Autumn Decor

In America, it is called “Fall” and to the rest of the world, it is now officially “Autumn”. Decor-wise, this is the time for oranges, yellows, greens and browns to shine, representing the changing weather and foliage in temperate regions. Here in The Bahamas, we are still warm and sunny but the evenings will start to cool off and being so close to the US we can appreciate the turning leaves and interesting produce that becomes available this time of year.


Special order your seasonal decor today from BFS. Deadline for orders is Saturday, 19th October 2013. We have everything from Autumn Leaves to a large variety of Hard Squash, Pumpkins in all sizes and decorative Corn.

Also consider edible stock items such as Cranberries, Apples and other fruits. You can visit local vendors for baskets, vines and candles to make your theme extra-special.


STORES: Transform your shop windows, displays and special events with Hard Squash and Ornamental Corn and Pumpkins.

RESTAURANTS: Warm up your customer’s experience by tying in Squash and Pumpkin dishes to your Autumn decor.

And for your home, you can decorate your party or Thanksgiving table with Autumn Leaves, squashes, Indian corn and even a giant Great Pumpkin. Everyone will want to take photos of your gorgeous, creative displays.


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