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Introducing Pasture Fresh Lamb – Sustainable Sourcing Meets Michelin-Star Potential

Introducing Pasture Fresh Lamb, our new brand of top-shelf New Zealand lamb, here to inspire and elevate your culinary masterpieces. Now The Bahamas can discover Pasture Fresh Lamb, where lush New Zealand landscapes nourish Michelin-quality flavor. Sustainable sourcing meets gourmet passion with this high quality line of luxurious New Zealand lamb cuts. Taste the difference Michelin chefs love, naturally. Explore Michelin-worthy recipes and experience exceptional flavor cultivated with care.


The temperate climate, lush green pastures, and pristine environment of New Zealand all play a vital role in the high quality of lamb for which the country is known. Traditional sheep farming practices are still used, meaning the stress-free animals are naturally raised and grass-fed to ensure a rich lamb product known for its exceptional flavour and tenderness. No hormones, antibiotics or GMO are used, and all Pasture Fresh cuts are entirely natural and free of alteration. The company is passionate about producing the most natural and sustainable meat on the market, focusing on the flavour and tenderness of the meat rather than the size of the animal.

HUMANE All lamb from Pasture Fresh are humanely slaughtered by 12 months of age and certified Halal. Halal certification guarantees pain-free animal slaughter.

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Pasture Fresh Lamb is more than just a brand. It’s a promise of superior quality, ethical farming, and culinary inspiration, wrapped in the rich tradition of New Zealand’s lamb farming heritage. 

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