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BFS Specials: Burgers, Pizza & Fries

As creative as chefs can be, as optimistic as the health-conscious can be and as diverse your palate, there is always a time when a person desires a big, juicy burger, a hot slice of pizza with toasty melted cheese or the satisfying, salty pleasure of a freshly  fried french fry.

Your menu needs to give the customer what they want, and having a good burger and great fries is a cash cow that costs you little in terms of resources and time. Whether you go with a tried and proven formula or get innovative in your applications, there is a product in the foodservice industry to serve your needs.

BFS Specials highlight a range of products that you can try at a reduced price. Our focus for the second and third weeks of October 2014 is on Burgers, Pizza & Fries. If you are looking to innovate and create new options for your menu, remember that everyone loves a good burger, fries are a guilty pleasure and pizza can be topped with whatever your heart desires.

Use the links below to get more info on the range of options available at BFS.

  • Burgers, Burgers, Burgers

    – Everything you need to create your ultimate burger menu. Specialty breads, premium meats, gourmet cheeses and condiments, exotic veggies. Plus value choices, standard high quality breads and condiments and good old American cheese. Please every palate and showcase your burger

  • Pizza, Pizza
  • The Perfect Fries & Onion Rings