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Afia Foaming Hand Soap

One of the simplest, but also most often ignored practices in maintaining personal health is the routine washing of hands. This easy exercise is extremely effective in the prevention of germ transmission. Routine and effective hand washing not only has personal health benefits, but also extends to others in your facility.

BFS is the exclusive distributer for National Chemical Laboratories (NCL) and currently offers the Afia™ line of foaming hand soaps and hand sanitiser, including free dispenser installation.

NCL Hand Solutions mean offers the knowledge and experience of experts in multiple aspects of the sanitary maintenance industry. You can take control and reduce the spread of germs responsible for colds and respiratory illnesses, pandemics, and other contagious diseases.



Afia™ offers a wide variety of foaming hand cleaners, including anti-bacterial, alcohol-free sanitizers as well as traditional fragrance based hand cleaners.

Foaming hand soap is an all-around sustainable option that is believed to be easy on the environment, affordable, efficient, and hygienic. The popularity of foaming hand cleaners has grown rapidly in the last few years. Consumers benefit from having to buy less soap, less packaging, and reduced transportation costs per unit.

  • Environmentally friendly. Foaming hand soap is easy on the environment. Less soap is used per hand washing session and therefor less soap ends up in the environment. Foaming soaps are less likely to clog drains, which people often use harsh chemicals and detergents to remove clogs. Industry studies have show that washing with foaming hand soap use less water to lather and rinse than those who used regular liquid soap. Additionally, you can generally get more hand washes per package with foaming soap, reducing packaging and transportation impacts on the environment.
  • Cost-effective. Using less soap per wash means buying less soap. Foaming soap dispensers output less soap than regular liquid soap dispensers, allowing the same level of cleanliness with less soap. Less soap per hand wash means it last longer, which costs less. Consumers save by having to pay for less packaging and transportation.
  • Sustainable. Foaming hand soap is environmentally friendly, but it is also sustainable in a larger context. By reducing the amount of emissions required to transport it, reducing the amount of packaging needed to distribute it, requiring less of it to be used per hand wash, and by using less water to rinse it away, foaming hand soap is a more financially and environmentally sustainable product. As an additional bonus, foaming soap dispensers need to be refilled less often, saving labour, time and money.



Afia™ dispensers are an attractive, modern design made from high quality ABS plastic for long term performance and reliability. With a large view window and Antimicrobial Push Bar the manual dispenser is available in both White and Black.