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Halal Chicken – Where to Find in Nassau

Poultry and meat that has been designated as “Halal” refers to food that is prepared according to Islamic law, and therefore can be part of Muslim food choices. Most Halal foods are clearly labelled as such, or you can ask your meat supplier to verify the source.

Most of the Halal chicken sold at BFS is under the Sadia brand, the largest exporter of Halal frozen chicken and beef from Brazil.

The Rotisserie Chicken sold at Solomon’s Fresh Market locations and Solomon’s SuperCentre in Nassau are all Halal products. Ask your sales rep or send us an email

Raw Halal chicken is sold at the following grocery stores in Nassau:

  • KENNETH’S FOOD STORE #2 – Prince Charles Ave., Nassau
  • KENNETH’S FOOD STORE #1 – Bahama Avenue, Nassau
  • JOHN CHEA #5 – Boyd Road, Nassau
  • EAST STREET SOUTH SUPERMARKET – East Street South, Nassau
  • COURTESY SUPERMARKET –  Carmichael Road, Nassau
  • QUALITY CONVENIENCE STORE – West Bay Street, Cable Beach, Nassau
  • ABBA SUPERMARKET – Charles Saunders Highway, Nassau
  • HARDINGS FOOD STORE (JOHN CHEA) – Wulff Road & Marathon Road, Nassau
  • JOHN CHEA #2 – Wulff Road, Nassau
What does HALAL mean?

The facility processing the poultry or meat must be certified by a Muslim organisation, with proof of payment and regular audits. A person of the Muslim faith must supervise the slaughtering process, commencing with a Muslim prayer. Otherwise, the production of commercial poultry, meat and most other products is the same as non-Halal foods.

About Sadia Halal Chicken

sadia chicken brazilSadia Halal chickens are produced under the following conditions:

  • Birds are kept cage-free and free-roaming
  • Vegetarian Diet
  • Certified humane treatment
  • Birds are slaughtered individually by hand by Muslims
  • Proper Qiblah direction including a lengthy bleed time
  • No Hormones, No Antibiotics
  • No Preservatives, No Artificial Ingredients
Other Halal Products
  • Beef Burger Patties by Wolfpack (2644344 40/5.33 oz)
  • Beef Franks by Wolfpack (7107275 12/12 oz)
  • Whole Halal Duck by Maple Leaf Duck Farms (1674270 6-ct)
  • Halal lamb options from New Zealand

Other products may have the Halal label but not include the word “Halal” in their name. Please ask your BFS sales rep if you want to check if a certain product is Halal certified.