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Recipe Link: How to Make Caribbean Indian Curry Duck

Trinidad and Guyana are Caribbean countries that have a large population of Asian descendants, mainly of Indian and Chinese heritage. The familiar recipes and ingredients of India and China have melded with African, European and native cultures to offer the variety of delicious dishes available across the Caribbean diaspora. Curry is enjoyed on every island, mainly using chicken, mutton, goat and seafood as the protein. However,  the Indo-Chino populations of Trinidad and Guyana hold dear the infamous Curry Duck, a beloved dish especially enjoyed during the holidays. 

This video recipe by Trinidadian creator Jenny’s Wok goes step by step through the process of thoroughly cleaning the tough duck skin, to the correct way to cut and prepare the mean, season, marinate and cook a hearty Curry Duck meal. Served here with Dhal Puri, a type of thin roti bread common amongst Indian populations but would be excellent with fluffy white rice or as an extra protein on your holiday table or menu special.

Curry Duck Recipe

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Most recipes for Trinidadian or Guyanese Indian Curry Duck call for Muscovy Duck.

Muscovy Duck aka Barbary Duck is a large duck with thinner skin and less fat than other ducks such as the more widely known Pekin Duck  Harvested at 10-12 weeks of age when the meat is the most tender, Muscovy features a large breast, deep red colour. and a flavourful, meaty taste with a texture more like veal. MORE INFO

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