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Habanero Bacon Jam is New, Delicious and Fire

Sysco Imperial’s Habanero Hot Pepper Bacon Jam is the perfect addition to your repertoire of ingredients. This savoury jam has a well-balanced sweet and smoky flavor, with just the right amount of habanero heat. It is made with roasted red bell peppers, real bacon, habaneros and has a pourable jam-like consistency. The pieces of real bacon and red pepper give it an added depth of flavor and texture.

Sysco Imperial Habanero Hot Pepper Bacon Jam will become a staple in your kitchen once you taste this smoky delight.


• Shelf Stable; Refrigerate after opening
• Easy to use and pour
• Ready to use
• Use as a side condiment or as a garnish
• Just a small amount of this jam delivers a delicious, complex flavor to various dishes across all dayparts.
• Save time and labour as this product comes ready to use, delivering a consistent experience every time.


Try this anywhere you would use a sweet, savoury sauce. We’re talking topping speciality pizzas, nachos and quesadillas, but it goes just as nicely as a dip for crudite, cheese platters, cheese sticks and similar dippers.

Habanero Bacon Jam pairs exceptionally well with our NEW Sysco Appetizers:
bacon scallops* Bacon-Wrapped Scallops
* Coconut Chicken Skewers
* Chicken Spring Roll


Hot Habanero Chicken Biscuits – served with breaded boneless chicken thighs or breasts, add pickles and top with Habanero Hot Pepper Bacon Jam.
Pan-Seared Scallops with Habanero Hot Pepper Bacon Jam – shareable portion of Sea Scallops (or shrimp!) wrapped in bacon topped with Habanero Hot Pepper Bacon Jam and served with Parmesan Crostinis.