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Sustainable Seafood

Sysco Bahamas proudly carries the best quality seafood sourced from the waters of The Bahamas and around the world. Our primary brands are the Sea Best, Island Queen and Island Prince brands of seafood products, all produced by Beaver Street Fisheries and Tropic Seafood. It doesn’t get any fresher than our own backyard!

Worried about the quality of “farm-raised” seafood? You can rest assured that our Sea Best farm-raised seafood options are sourced from only the best certified, and inspected plants from around the globe. This means clean, standardized facilities that meet qualifications for first-world countries, and use sustainable, natural practices to give you the healthiest products possible.

Tempura Breaded Tilapia - high quality fish fillet in a crispy tempura batter. Offers great flavour and a long hold time - no more soggy fish fingers! Available as strips or tenders.
bsf sustainable seafood


Most non-Bahamian wild-caught seafood is by special order only – talk to your sales rep. Otherwise, we offer farm-raised choices in fish fillets, portions, sides, loins and H&G (heads and guts removed) whole varieties of the following fish species:

  • Norwegian Salmon (best quality), also available smoked
  • Chilean Atlantic Salmon
  • Tilapia
  • Catfish
  • Pangasius (swai)
  • Redfish

Sea Best is our flagship brand of frozen seafood products distributed by Beaver Street Fisheries (BSF), and represents our promise and commitment to responsible sourcing and aquaculture practices. Currently, Sysco Bahamas stocks primarily foodservice products by Sea Best and BSF. If you are interested in the Retail products displayed on the Sea Best website, please talk to your sales rep or send a message here.

Beaver Street also provides us with the Island Queen and Island Prince brands of seafood, primarily produced at Tropic Seafood.


Beaver Street has also partnered with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) to help develop and implement fishery and aquaculture improvement projects for both wild and farmed raised species. These improvement projects are designed to bring common stakeholders together to establish goals and collaboratively improve the environmental and social quality of the seafood production in a particular area using best practices.

Beaver Street Fisheries a diverse offering of quality frozen seafood products to the food service and retail industries.

Seafood items are sourced consciously and safely through all waters around the globe, wild caught or farmed, once and twice frozen. Offering over 2100 SKUs with buying power to purchase from certified plants, BSF’s motto is, “if it swims in an ocean, we sell it!”.