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Sysco Simply: Plant-Based Food Made Simple

Sysco Simply is a brand & platform for dietary and lifestyle choices. Sysco Simply Plant Based features plant based dining products, including vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, and plant based protein options.

Sysco Simply offers products that are suitable for any customer from vegans to meat lovers, designed to satisfy diners looking for natural, clean-label products that taste great. Our signature “Sysco Plant-Based Protein” goes beyond being an efficient meat replacement in any dish – more info below.

Also try our other Sysco Simply vegan products like Cauliflower Pizza Crust (so good!)🍕 , vegan meatballs🧆 and even pasta made with pea flour !
Sysco Simply Making the choice simple
Sysco Simply Plant-Based Protein
sysco pulled oats
Meatless Mondays just got an upgrade, thanks to delicious new products like our vegan Bolognese Sauce, a rich, savoury, ready-to-use choice for pizza, pasta and other dishes.
📝Sysco Simply Plant Based Protein (Pulled Oats) is a flavourful, vegan protein option, a superfood blend of oats, beans, and peas that has a hearty “pulled” texture. Perfect for recipes that call for shredded meat or chicken, pulled pork, even ground beef. Only 240 calories with 33 grams of protein per serving.
This 100% animal-free product is extremely versatile across the menu. It also comes pre-cooked to save your operation valuable time in the back-of-house.
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