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Catering 101 at BFS

November through December is the busiest time of year for caterers and other foodservice providers, due to a dramatic increase in hosted events centred around the end-of-year holiday festivities. This will include everything from light sandwich platters for office parties, to full-fledged receptions for balls, cocktail parties, company Christmas parties often held in restaurants or halls, church functions, breakfast/brunch events, fundraisers, secular events in clubs and bars, hotel functions, banquets, conventions, family gatherings, house parties and of course, the New Year’s Eve countdown that people celebrate with lots of food and drink.

BFS stocks and special orders many products to make it easier for you to cost, prep, store, transport, hold and serve delicious options for your catered events.

The most discerning chef who buys only from the local fisherman on the dock and who lovingly hand-sculpts perfect meatballs and designs elegant desserts, will be called upon to cater to large groups of hungry people. When it is not feasible or affordable to prepare for 100 the way you cook for 2, the many premium products stocked at BFS will satisfy both the chef and the guest. There is no need to skimp on quality when you are dealing with quantity.

Buffets for “heavy” food can include meats for carving such as boneless lamb leg, beef and pork loin. Seafood adds elegance to any table, from salmon fillet to grilled conch kebabs to huge U-1o Coconut Breaded Shrimp. Frozen soups by Knorr, breads by Eurobake and Rotella’s Italian Bakery offer a cost-effective way to fill up a crowd before the more expensive proteins and vegetables are served.

Sunny Fresh Fully Cooked Plain Omelet, 3 oz
Sunny Fresh Fully Cooked Plain Omelet, 3 oz

Breakfast and Brunch events for a crowd can make use of liquid eggs, par-baked pastries and breads, individual syrup, butter & jams, even fully cooked omelets, bacon, sausage and ham. For Bahamian guests, the Cut-Up Chicken for Souse, Pigs Feet and Grouper Heads from the BFS Meat Room may be just the thing to get cooking.

Gourmet Wine & Cheese type events are suitable for serving fruits such as grapes and figs, crackers, breadsticks, cheese such as English Stilton, Smoked Gouda and Brie, a Charcuterie board or deli platter with mortadella, salami, roast beef, ham etc.

16/20 Shrimp in a fun presentation
16/20 Shrimp in a fun presentation

Seafood! Sea Best® and Tropic Seafood provide a huge range of local and imported seafood for all budgets and palates.

  • Shrimp can be had in almost every size on the market, either in its whole raw state, or peeled & deveined, tail-on or tail-off, head-on or head-off, tiny 150-200 count or huge U-10 count.
  • Sea Best® also offered breaded shrimp and the very popular Coconut Breaded Shrimp in 20/25 size or the U-15 larger version.
  • Tropic Seafood offers Lobster, either whole and live, whole and frozen, tails in 5 oz-10 oz sizes or as picked meat in either #1 or #2 quality. Crab meat, crab claws, crab legs and whole crabs are available as well as crab cakes, deviled crab, canned crab and crab shells. Fish is available from the popular and low cost Swai and Tilapia to local Jacks and Snappers, day-caught Prime Grouper, imported Dover Sole and Black Cod.

Sandwich Platters are best when the bread doesn’t get soggy, and the high quality products from Rotella’s Italian Bakery are made with the very best ingredients that resist sog for hours. Hormel offers pre-sliced deli meats for the ultimate in cost control, and staples like tuna fish, corned beef, American cheese and mayonnaise are available in bulk sizes for precision costing. Condiments can be bought in bulk and re-packaged into 1 or 2 oz serving cups, or try quality individual condiments from C.F. Sauer (Duke’s).

iq_conch_5lbboxThe Island Queen line of canned, dry and frozen goods will fill in every gap for a Bahamian feast. Green Pigeon Peas, Dried Pigeon Peas (both canned) as well as loose corn kernels, premium Lime Juice and even Guava Shells offer the best price on the market with top shelf quality. Never beat conch again with the convenience of Island Queen Tenderised Conch, machine-beaten Bahamian conch sold in 5-lb boxes for convenience.

Party Favours can still be ordered up until Friday, 28th November 2014 for those fun-loving groups and your signature NYE event, including balloons, decorations, trinkets, horns, hats and more.

If this a time of year when you need to replace equipment, order new serviceware, update your uniforms, get new appliances or see how you can freshen up your presentation, then the Smallware & Equipment department can help. Choose from many stock items or get your special order in now to ensure timely delivery of buffet risers, serving bowls, serving utensils, disposable chafers, full chafing sets, steam table pans, storage containers, metal mixing bowls, tablecloths & napkins, high-end and economy silverware, glasses of all sizes and types, plates, knives, baskets and more.