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Return to Normalcy: Sysco Bahamas Hosts a Successful Food Show

Nassau Guardian (Pulse) article - Sysco Hosts Mini Food Showcase

Sysco Bahamas Food Services has long been known in the local foodservice industry for hosting one of the country’s largest annual trade shows. “The Food Show” was a huge affair featuring 60-80 vendors, with customers visiting from the Family Islands and Nassau to meet vendors, enjoy samples of food and drink and be entertained by demos and chef competitions. Due to a series of unfortunate events including Hurricane Dorian and the pandemic, it was not possible to host the food show for several years. Fortunately, as the world returns to normal, Sysco Bahamas was able to add sales events back to the roster, and 29th September 2022 was the date of the first “Mini Food Show” hosted since 2020.

This invitation-only event allowed Sysco Bahamas’ account holders and customer to see, sip and sample from our trusted international and local vendors who were delighted to make the trip to support our market. The Sysco brands were on full display, letting customers know about new options that are economical and high quality. 

Chef Jamal Small, Corporate Chef at Sysco Bahamas, was interviewed by The Nassau Guardian regarding the mini food show. Chef Jamal “said that the food show is important because it allows culinary industry people to see new items that they have brought onstream, and refresh their memories with other offerings…. it allows restaurants to see what they can add to their menus and how they can take items they offer, add their flair to it and make it their own.


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