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Pancakes! Celebration of Foͦoͦdͩ ♕

Just about everyone enjoys indulging in warm, fluffy, satisfying pancakes. February is National Pancake Month and this is a great opportunity to give your customers something special in the form of fresh, hot pancakes.

Whether you’re whipping up an awesome pancake breakfast from scratch or choosing any of our mixes, batters and fully cooked heat-and-serve options, let the syrup and melted butter crown the tastiest stack with Sysco Bahamas.

🥞 Second most requested starch breakfast food
🥞 Did you know? Customers love the idea of pancakes as a sandwich – a survey showed that 68% of people like the idea

Tips for serving up pancakes for takeout from Jessie Kordosky & Kevin Relf, Corporate Chefs, General Mills Foodservice

Use re-heatable takeout containers so customers can reheat when they get home. Include instructions for reheating and/or hot-hold.

Use pancakes as a sandwich carrier for on-the-go eating

Include fun toppers in portion cups for customers to spread on their takeout pancakes when they get home.

Side toppers like whipped flavored butters (cinnamon honey, chai spiced, salted caramel, matcha) or flavored syrups (fruit or booze spiked for the adults). Make it savoury by adding crumbled bacon, sausage or chorizo.

Celebration of Food ♕ – National days and months focused on celebrating different foods throughout the year.c