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Drink Menu: Pink Guava Duff Daiquiri

Guava Duff Daiquiri Recipe

Add some local flavour to your next Drinks Menu update with your play on this delicious and satisfying ‘Guava Duff Daiquiri’ recipe.

Featuring the creamy Ice Cream mix swirled or layered with the very tropical Pink Guava mix, you can add other fruit, a graham crackers rim and even a little chunk of cheesecake or fresh fruit to make this recipe truly special.

No artificial colors or flavors. No preservatives or HFCS. Just all-natural ingredients like vitamin-rich pink guava sourced from the best growing regions. That’s the Tropics Mixology difference.

Tropics Mixology is our line of premium frozen drink mixes. These versatile mixes are used for daiquiris, smoothies, bar mixes and even desserts.

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