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New and Blue! Fishbowl Cocktails & Mocktails for Summer

Shark Week is a great opportunity to offer shark- and ocean- inspired cocktails, shared apps, even fresh seafood and shark-themed decor and fun giveaways.

Groups are sure to enjoy seafood platters platters, new sushi rolls,  trendy, innovative Fishbowl Drinks made with classic and fruity flavours.

monin fishbowl drink
shark week

Shark Week started with the Discovery Channel choosing a week in July to feature educational programming about sharks, with the goal to educate viewers and to promote conservation efforts. Since 1998, Shark Week has grown to inspire shark-related themed events on other channels, social media, tour companies, restaurants & bars, gift stores and schools.

Monin Syrups are the perfect way to add a delicious and refreshing twist to your Shark Week special drink menu. Choose from a wide variety of flavours to create a Fishbowl drink sure to please your fun-loving customers.

Stylecaster predicted that Pre-batched Cocktails would be popular in 2023, meaning beverages that are prepared ahead of time and served to order. Pre-batching is a great idea for busy bars, and popular beverages like punch, lemonades, margaritas and other mixtures can be made by the jug and served to order. A signature summer menu can feature brand-new Fishbowl cocktails and mocktails ideal for sharing,  groups and crowds.

PRO TIP Lemonade, Iced Tea, Margaritas, Mojitos can all be offered with variations simply by adding flavoured syrups like Pomegranate, Raspberry, Mint and more.

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