Afia Foaming Hand Soap

afia foaming hand cleaners

One of the simplest, but also most often ignored practices in maintaining personal health is the routine washing of hands. This easy exercise is extremely effective in the prevention of germ transmission. Routine and effective hand washing not only has personal health benefits, but also extends to others in your facility.

BFS is the exclusive distributer for National Chemical Laboratories (NCL) and currently offers the Afia™ line of foaming hand soaps and hand sanitiser, including free dispenser installation.

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Bangers or Not? All About Irish & English Sausages

“Bangers and Mash” is one of the most widely-known British dishes in the world, starring the much-beloved British Sausage aka the “Banger”. England and Ireland are both respected for their distinctively delicious sausages, but are they really interchangeable?

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Smoked Salmon, Lox and Gravlax

Smoked Salmon, also called Cold-Smoked Salmon is a salmon fish fillet that has been cured with salt, sugar and spices and smoked at 99°F. It is a delicacy associated with a more sophisticated market but that has universal appeal. Very popular for elegant hors d’ouerves, satisfying sandwiches, catering and in European and Canadian dishes.

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Fryer Oil Maintenance

Your deep fryer is a sizable investment for your kitchen, in terms of upfront cost, constant attention by your labour force and the need to constantly monitor the cooking oil. It is hot, slippery work, and requires experience to deal with handling hot oil and properly cooking all types of foods. However, your deep fryer can be your cash cow, turning out crowd favourites like fries, chicken wings, chicken tenders and fried seafood for an excellent profit. Your biggest expense related to the fryer will be the constant need to purchase cooking oil, which is a required component of deep fat frying. This articles explains the causes of dirty oil and how to keep it cleaner for longer, prolonging the life of the oil you purchase.

Contamination and high heat are the biggest issues for oil life. Learn the best ways to get the most out of your oil.


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Increase Fundraising with Halloween Treat Ideas

One of the most versatile products Otis Spunkmeyer offers is luscious Butter Sugar dough. Drift back into grandma’s kitchen as you bake these buttery rounds into delicious canvases for a pumpkin patch of cookies. Tint royal icing or cream cheese frosting a glowering orange, and slather a dollop on each crunchy, melting morsel. Cups of chocolate chips, candy corn and green-tinted coconut become the eyes, noses, grins and stems of some pretty scary jack-o-lanterns. Kids, young and old, will love creating their own “spooktacular” masterpieces. Too much work? Simply shake the frozen cookie pieces in a bag of orange decorating sugar before baking for instant pumpkins. Display those you rescue before they are gobbled up by your little goblins next to that tub of holiday creativity, Butter Sugar dough, and watch the orders pile up like pumpkins on a hayride.

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New Libbey Embassy Wine Glasses

Libbey Glassware sets the standards for foodservice glassware. The Embassy line is affordable, classic and durable.


Two new offerings from Libbey allow you to use a taller glass to serve your wine, creating a classier diner experience.


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Burgers, Burgers, Burgers

Something as simple as protein and bread can be the basis for the most popular item on your menu.  A great burger is something people love to talk about, take photos of and post on social media and of course, a great burger is something that people love to eat – again and again.

A budget-friendly, hugely satisfying meal option, the burger can be as simple or as contrived as you make it. Choose the right patty, the perfect complementary bread bun and which sliced vegetables, condiments and special touches you will add, and your customers will mark you for future returns.

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