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Retail Customers: Order Your Holiday Pies This Week

Order your pies for Thanksgiving today from your BFS sales rep 4620377 Sara Lee Home Style Pumpkin Pies 6/34 oz 3401900 Sara Lee Home Style Pecan Pies 6/34 oz 7069974 Sara Lee Mince Meat Pies 6/34 oz Deadline Friday October 11, 2019

Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Inspiration for your October restaurant specials and marketing! These US-based and international celebration days help you showcase your versatility and creativity via your favourite seasonal ingredients. Monday, 14th of October is National Hero’s Day in The Bahamas, which is a national holiday and the perfect time to celebrate all things Bahamian. October is National Seafood […]

Weather Related Quality Issues

September 24, 2019  We are seeing some challenges in quality due to very warm and rainy weather in our growing regions.  Humid weather is causing seeder/high core in iceberg, as well as premature pinking in color. In romaine we are experiencing fringe burn and high core; growers are doing their best to trim this in order to mitigate some […]

Notice: Green Tomatoes

BEFORE YOU ORDER please be advised that imported tomatoes  received today are mostly green in colour. 80% of the cases look like the photo attached.

Recycle Your Florida Crystals Sugar Containers

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose! There is no better time to start helping the environment than now. Building awareness about sustainability is a passion of Florida Crystals and reducing, reusing and recycling are just a few small ways you can have a major impact when it comes to preserving the quality of our planet. Keep your [...]

Why You Should Take Portion Control Seriously

Quality control is critical to any restaurant operation, but proper quality control requires a lot of thought as to how it is accomplished. You must factor in labor cost, skill of the person doing the portioning, the equipment being used, and so much more. Portion control, in theory, provides the operator with consistency, and consistency [...]

Produce Updates

AVOCADOS Arrivals have increased to prepare for Cinco de Mayo. Volumes are likely to return to normal by mid-May. In California, volumes have increased. Peru is expected to contribute to increasing volume by the end of May; however, due to increased global demand we expect the market to remain active over the next three weeks. […]

Produce Market Alerts

CUCUMBERS – ESCALATED Select cucumbers have triggered on the East Coast programs. Florida production continues and Georgia is close to starting; however, we are seeing lower volume across the region as cooler temps have slowed the plants down. FOB prices are getting active showing ticks upward of $2-$3 across the category in the East. Quality […]

Afia Foaming Hand Soap

One of the simplest, but also most often ignored practices in maintaining personal health is the routine washing of hands. This easy exercise is extremely effective in the prevention of germ transmission. Routine and effective hand washing not only has personal health benefits, but also extends to others in your facility. BFS is the exclusive […]

Pork Belly

A few notes on cooking pork belly: It should be roasted on a rack in an oven low and slow, with a deep drip pan that will collect the massive amount of oil. Pork belly can also be braised in a pan. The skin is best when crispy, so after slow-cooking the meat should rest […]

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