NEW! Hurricane Matthew No Match for the Bahamas Food Services Team

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Last week, Hurricane Matthew ripped through the Bahamas as a category 3 and 4 storm. Our associates with Bahamas Food Services endured flooding rain, 130-mph-plus winds and pounding surf that caused major damage across the region, and many are still without water and power. Now that the hurricane has passed, all 348 associates have come together, in strong Sysco family fashion, to provide needed support for associate families, the local community and, of course, our customers.

The dedicated Bahamas Food Services team serviced our customers the Wednesday before the storm hit, and the Saturday and Sunday after the storm passed. Thankfully, the team was able to replenish most perishable inventory on Sunday as the Port of Nassau re-opened, after getting access to 16 product containers loaded in Florida, prior to the storm. Then, associates made deliveries again on Monday, despite it being a national holiday, and the Sales team continues working hard to service customers and deliver on our commitments.

And it doesn’t stop there. Charter planes are departing today and tomorrow for our island customers, such as Club Med San Salvador and locations on the Abaco and Andros islands. We’ve also assisted large customers, such as Hilton, with containers and genset and chassis equipment, so they can continue servicing their hotel guests and staff.

This phenomenal team effort is a true representation of what it means to be our customers’ most valued and trusted business partner.
“Our Maintenance, Operations, Sales and Finance teams have all done a truly remarkable and commendable job taking care of emergency orders for our customers and maintaining the support needs of our business,” said Don Carnine, General Manager.

Because of the widespread power outages, fast food restaurants and gas stations have lines up to 50-plus cars long. Our associates are, of course, impacted by the situation, so the OpCo is providing lunch for everyone all week so they can save on having to refuel their cars or wait in long lines for food. Their chef is busy preparing hot meals for during the day and the rest of the week, and also ensuring the night shift has a hot meal as well. These efforts will continue if local conditions remain unchanged next week.

“We’re so appreciative of our teams that have worked so tirelessly these past days and endured so much, but I tell you this… our associates are safe, our facility is still standing, the integrity of our products is intact, and we’ve come through for all of our customers and continue to meet their needs,” said Don. “We really can’t ask for more than that!”