Sysco Team: Chef Bobby Briggs

chef bobby briggs

Chef Bobby was the Executive Chef here at Sysco Bahamas for many years. Born in Ireland, he has been a resident of The Bahamas for more than forty years and brought vast international experience plus technical accuracy and culinary professionalism to our foodservice product.

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Recipe: Grilled Mahi with Grilled Vegetables

Mahi aka dolphin fish, is caught throughout the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Florida’s southern coast. Mahi is available by the side or in 4 oz or 6 oz vacuum-sealed portions at BFS. The firm, white meat is enhanced in flavour by citrus and bright, simple seasonings and simple presentations such as Fish Tacos, grilled over Caesar Salad, rice or pasta; in a Fish Sandwich or even Bahamian Stewed Fish.

It is best to remove the bloodline, which is the dark lateral stripe in the fillet and wash thoroughly with lime or lemon juice. The flesh will become tough the longer it is cooked, so Mahi is best when it is cooked quickly, such as grilled, broiled, pan-fried, deep-fried or stir-fried.

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RECIPE: Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza with Grape Tomato Sauce

Buffalo Mozzarella is the star of this simple yet delicious hand made pizza. Using frozen pizza dough saves you on time and energy, but making your own from scratch is an added bonus. Either way, the crust plays only a supporting role behind creamy premium Buffalo mozzarella, sliced portobello mushrooms and a bright sauce made of fresh grape tomatoes.

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