Pork Market Update 14 October 2019


– Phase 1 of US and China trade negotiations could open the door to more US pork sales to that market and higher pork prices.

– In the short term pork supplies remain plentiful, with slaughter last week over 2.7 million head, the second highest on record.

– Pork belly prices have surged higher as processors look to bolster inventories. Low prices in September also allowed retailers to book significant volumes for fall product features.

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Pork Belly

A few notes on cooking pork belly:

  • It should be roasted on a rack in an oven low and slow, with a deep drip pan that will collect the massive amount of oil.
  • Pork belly can also be braised in a pan.
  • English: Sous-vide Red-braised Pork Belly 中文: 紅燒肉
    English: Sous-vide Red-braised Pork Belly 中文: 紅燒肉 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The skin is best when crispy, so after slow-cooking the meat should rest and then it can be seared or pan fried for ultimate texture and taste.

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