Meat in the To-Go Environment: How to Protect Protein

USMEF Caribbean recently produced a webinar featuring Chef Timothy Murray of RDS Foods on how to best protect center of the plate proteins from the extra time/thermalization in a to-go environment.  The webinar is available as a video where you can learn about serving meat as a to-go option for your customers.

The video is 27 minutes long and will give any manager, chef or cook good insight into presenting your meat and entrees as a to-go option that holds and can be reheated. Below is a matrix of the cuts that he featured in the video,  discussing the pros and cons of the cuts and also a sous vide guideline sheet. Your sales rep can also send you these documents as as PDF by email.

  1. Type of protein, including myoglobin content and thickness
  2. Type of cooking method – sous vide was the overall winner
  3. Packaging – foil is not a winner here) 

Halal Chicken – Where to Find in Nassau

halal chicken

Poultry and meat that has been designated as “Halal” refers to food that is prepared according to Islamic law, and therefore can be part of Muslim food choices. Most Halal foods are clearly labelled as such, or you can ask your meat supplier to verify the source.

Most of the Halal chicken sold at BFS is under the Sadia brand, the largest exporter of Halal frozen chicken and beef from Brazil.

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