BFS Specials: Burgers, Pizza & Fries

As creative as chefs can be, as optimistic as the health-conscious can be and as diverse your palate, there is always a time when a person desires a big, juicy burger, a hot slice of pizza with toasty melted cheese or the satisfying, salty pleasure of a freshly  fried french fry.

Your menu needs to give the customer what they want, and having a good burger and great fries is a cash cow that costs you little in terms of resources and time. Whether you go with a tried and proven formula or get innovative in your applications, there is a product in the foodservice industry to serve your needs.

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Autumn Ornamentals 2014

In more temperate regions, autumn is the time when trees dramatically change colour from the lush greens of summer over to the crispy browns, yellows and oranges of the season. Visitors to The Bahamas, as well as Bahamians can appreciate the change in season with cooler nights and the start of the winter tourism season.

Friday, 31 October is Halloween and Thursday, 27 November is Thanksgiving, both great opportunities to decorate and wow your customers. Your storefront or special event tables can be fit for a Pilgrim, if you get your orders in for Autumn Ornamentals.

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The Bahamian market is used to the rich flavour of New Zealand lamb. However, today’s market includes lamb meat from New Zealand, Australia and the USA. What is the difference between these products, and which one is right for you?

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Libbey Glassware

The right glass is one of those necessary components in creating a wonderful guest experience. Whether it’s your signature cocktail, a classic martini or draught beer, coffee for breakfast or everyday water table service, Libbey has the perfect glass. Factors for consideration when choosing glassware include durability, affordability, replacement options and many places also consider if it is distinctive, fits in with the decor, is easily storable and is versatile for various purposes.

Libbey Glassware offers over 1,000 products designed specifically for the foodservice operator, from tumblers to fine European stemware. Read on for 3 recent articles highlighting the new products offered by Libbey.

  • Current Trends in Glassware: Adding Class with Glass
  • Libbey® Releases Stylish Glassware Products
  • Libbey quenches growing thirst for better glassware for booze

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Mega Sport on Special

A sports drink for under $2? What about a sports drink that is vitamin-enhanced? Explore your options and try a Mega Sport sports drink today.

In addition to electrolytes that are added to all sports drinks, Mega Sports is full of extra vitamins – and is the only sports drink on the market to have up to 25% extra vitamins added. Boost your energy and performance with the crisp, clean taste of Mega Sport, or quench your thirst on hot and humid days.

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Boston Lettuce

Boston Lettuce is also called Bibb Lettuce, Butterhead, Butter Lettuce or Limestone Lettuce. Boston Lettuce is grown in a hydroponic greenhouse in Nassau, Bahamas and is sold with roots intact as a “Living Lettuce”. It will not spoil and will remain alive for up to 4 weeks, as long as the roots are kept moist. Continue reading

A Natural Option for Chicken Breast

Murray’s fresh, antibiotic-free chicken is a staple in health and eco-conscious kitchens throughout the USA. Hormone-free, antibiotic-free and raised under strict standards, Murray’s has gained a good reputation and is the go-to brand for All-Natural chicken menu choices.

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Preserved Fish: Smoked, Salted & Dried

Smoked, dried, salted fish is a popular ingredient for Caribbean cooks, used to enhance or stand alone in a recipe.

Fresh fish are cured with salt and dried or smoked to remove most or all of the moisture in order to preserve the fish. Salting, pickling, drying and smoking are historic methods used to preserve fish before kerosene or electrical refrigeration became widely available. Originally, smoked and dried fish were introduced to the West Indies by the British, and later imported from Canada. Centuries later, the taste for savoury “salt fish” has remained in the Bahamian and West Indian palate in a range of applications. Dried fish retains much of its nutrients and increases the depth of the flavour profile.

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How to Order the Right Amount of Meat for Your Holiday Party

Maybe you’re a veteran chef, dedicated homemaker or are just determined to put on the best Christmas meal ever. How do you know how much meat to get to feed all your guests? Running out of food is embarassing, and preparing too much leaves you begging your guests to “tote” or having a fridge overfull with leftovers. There are only so many turkey sandwiches people can eat after the holidays! Chef Bobby Briggs, the executive chef here at BFS, has prepared some useful info to help you order the right thing in the right quantity for your ultimate holiday menu.

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