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Category: BFS Products

afia foaming hand cleaners
Chemicals & Cleaning

Afia Foaming Hand Soap

One of the simplest, but also most often ignored practices in maintaining personal health is the routine washing of hands. This easy exercise is extremely

Economical Dinnerware by Libbey Foodservice

World Tableware by Libbey Foodservice presents the Porcelana line of bright white porcelain dinnerware. Diverse collections of attractive dinnerware, flatware and holloware for casual environments, including

Smoked Salmon, Lox and Gravlax

Smoked Salmon, also called Cold-Smoked Salmon is a salmon fish fillet that has been cured with salt, sugar and spices and smoked at 99°F. It

Fryer Oil Maintenance

Your deep fryer is a sizable investment for your kitchen, in terms of upfront cost, constant attention by your labour force and the need to

New Libbey Embassy Wine Glasses

Libbey Glassware sets the standards for foodservice glassware. The Embassy line is affordable, classic and durable.   Two new offerings from Libbey allow you to

The Perfect Fries & Onion Rings

The product commonly known as “fries” are called “French Fries” in American and “Pomme Frites” in France. Whether soft or crunchy, they are “Crisps” in the