Dried Peppers 101

Dried chili peppers add depth of flavour to a dish, while allowing you to control the heat flake by flake.

BFS stocks several varieties of dried peppers, for your Asian, Mexican, Latin, Caribbean, US Southwestern and South American recipes. These include:

  • Dried Habenero Peppers – dried goat pepper (Scotch Bonnet), very intense heat, fruity
  • Dried Chipotle Peppers – smoke-dried jalepeño
  • Guajillio – dried Marisol chilis, mild green tea flavour
  • Ancho – dried Poblano chilis, mild & sweet
  • Mulato – similar to Ancho, darker and sweeter
  • Pasilla – dried Chilaca peppers

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Veal 101

Veal on the menu signals something special and elegant to the consumer. It is the favoured meat of royalty and classical European cuisine. Today, veal enjoys a contemporary appeal for both fine dining, home cooking and casual dining. It is versatile, nutritious, low-fat, cost-effective and always flavourful. A good chef can be creative or classic in their preparation and presentation to showcase the myriad uses of veal.

Read on for “Ethical Concerns”, Benefits and Suggested Uses

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BFS Baker’s Corner + Spoons on Sale

Check the back side of your BFS Weekly Specials sheet for even more useful info. The new “Baker’s Corner” highlights the wide range of pastry and baking products available at BFS.  And did you know that BFS sells everything for your professional kitchen, from aprons to freezers to mats – even the kitchen sink!


  • Pillsbury Muffin Batter “Orange Blossom” flavour
  • Recipe by Chef Claude Robert: Sauteed Bosc Pears


  • Vollrath Buffetware Solid Spoon – $8.64 ea

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BFS Meat Room: Cut Meats

BFS sells a wide variety of Cut Meats, including Pork, Ham, Beef, Chicken, Lamb and also Seafood. Please ask your BFS rep for more information on Special Cuts and Bahamian Cuts of meat at a great rate.

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